The section of the San Juan below Navajo Dam in northwest New Mexico, is known as the “Quality Waters”.  This stretch is among the most hallowed trout fishing waters in North America. What makes the 4.25 miles below Navajo Dam so special is that the water is released from the bottom of the dam.  Cold water is denser than warm water so the colder water drops to the bottom of the lake making for a constant temperatures in the 42 to 46 degree range all year.   The tailwaters of the Juan are very rich in nutrients and the flows are consistent depending on the time of year.  The San Juan Quality Waters in New Mexico supports one of the most prolific trout populations in any large river, both in terms of quality and average fish size.

Species include Rainbow Trout, Cutbows (a Rainbow Cutthroat hybrid) and Brown Trout.  You can wade this portion of the river or float the quality water section via raft or drift boat.  No motorized boats and its all catch and release.